Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Introduction
    1. The  https://sayla.co.il Internet website (hereinafter ”the website”) is powered by “SAYLA” Licensed Dealer 300128220 (hereinafter “the website Manager”)
    2. The website offers online sale of women’s clothing and original head covers by designer Hila Yair and offers styling services
    3. The feminine form has been chosen for reasons of convenience alone, and they refer to women as well.
    4. Please read thoroughly the terms of use. The use of the website indicates that you have read, understood, and approved these terms of use, and you or anyone on your behalf will have no claims or complaints against the company and/or anyone on its behalf on everything that concerns these terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms of use, some or all of them, you are not allowed to use this website for any purpose.
    5. The website Manager may unilaterally modify or update the contents and services, this Legal Note and in general all the elements of design and configuration that form this website, might change the terms of use on the website without any prior notice to its users and the user cannot derogate the terms of use and their application
  2. User’s statement & terms of use of this website
    1. The user is required to use the website according to the terms of use and declares that she knows the website and all of its content does not replace legal advice and/or any other advice.
    2. Any purchase made by the means of this website is subjected to the terms outlined in this protocol.
    3. These terms of use are a binding contract between you and the website manager, and will serve as the basis of any litigation concerning the use of this website
    4. These terms of use are binding and will serve in favor of all the parties, their representatives, their heirs, and any other authorized representative.
    5. In case of contradictory or conflicting information found on the website, these Terms of use instructions overrule any other information found on the website unless formally conveyed otherwise
  3. Prerequisites to make a deal and/or purchase on this website
    1. Online Purchasing through our website will require disclosure of information such as: e-mail, personal data such as telephone numbers, name and family names, address, city, etc.
    2. Our website system offers our customers an easy, comfortable and secure platform to purchase the items offered by the website manager.
    3. Any user may undertake a purchase process and become a customer on the system provided all cumulative conditions have been fulfilled according to the conditions listed here below:
      1. The user is capable of carrying out binding legal actions. If you are a minor (under the age of 18) or are not eligible to perform legal actions without the permission of a custodian, the use of our website itself will serve as a declaration that you have obtained the due  permission of your custodian to perform the transaction.
      2. The user has a valid up-to-date International or Israeli Visa or Isracard credit card.
      3. The user has a valid e-mail address on the Internet.
    4. Online purchases on our website are made via credit card only and the transaction will be completed upon credit card approval.
    5. Credit card fees apply to the user only.
    6. To complete your purchase process you might need to verify your identity by the means of an SMS code sent to you, email or different means which might be periodically modified by the website manager.
    7. It should be emphasized that credit card information will be found and/or retained and/or managed by the clearing company only and at its own responsibility, the website manager does not retain and/or manage these details however, when information and content is entered through the website, there is a concern for content exposure to be used by others on the web. The website manager is not responsible for any damage and/or loss and/or  prejudice and/or expenses that could be caused to the user and/or any third party as a result, and the website manager has no responsibility for data leakage and/or data hacking and/or securing information related to that data.
    8. The website Manager reserves the right to stop and/or change the way the website payments are made at its sole discretion and at any time according to his needs.
    9. The user hereby declares that the personal details she provides or uses on the website are correct, accurate, up-to-date, and complete on what concerns her identity. It is strictly forbidden to use someone else’s details and/or pretend to be someone else.
  4. Items sold on the website
    1. The products sold on the website are fashion items such as: Hila Yair’s original women’s clothing and  headdresses. The website manager manufactures and/or imports and/or promotes the products that are offered for sale through the website
    2. The website Manager may modify the supply and/or variety of items displayed in the list of items listed on the website at any time, as well as replace and/or add any items in the list of items or remove any items from the list every now and then all at his sole discretion.
    3. It is hereby clarified that the manner in which the items are presented on the website will be periodically determined by the sole discretion of the website.
    4. The items images displayed on the website are for illustration purposes only and do not commit the website Manager.
    5. Items displayed on the website cannot be purchased for wholesale or commercial use, but private use alone.
    6. The website Manager reserves the right to prevent purchases and orders at its sole discretion when he determines that they consist of a wholesale purchase.
    7. The set price for each product is displayed next to the corresponding product on the website.
    8. All offered services, prices (including shipping expenses) and online payment terms may change periodically at the company’s sole discretion.
    9. It is hereby clarified that if item prices are updated before the completion of the purchase process, the item will be charged at the updated prices. Similarly, when the price of an item has evolved by the time of its supply, the price charged (subject to the provision section hereunder) will be the one displayed at the moment the order has been approved.
    10. Items displayed for sale at promotional prices will be provided at the promotional rate, all the time the promotion is up and running at the moment the order has been confirmed.
    11. If a particular item is not available for purchase at some moment, the website Manager will notify the customer as soon as possible, if the customer does not find a different item, the order will be canceled and the money will be returned to him.
    12. The website Manager cannot commit that all items displayed on the website will always be available and the user will have no claims in relation to that.
    13. The product’s prices displayed on the website include VAT unless otherwise specified.
  5. Customer Support Service and Contact:
    1. The Website will be on for purchases 24 hours a day, unless the website is down for maintenance and/or any other reason.
    2. The Customer Support Service Center will be open at the following hours:  from Sunday to Thursday from 9:00-16:00.
    3. Changes might occur to the dates specified in this protocol, including delivery dates, site hours, and Customer Service Center hours, all at the sole discretion of the Website manager
  6. Deliveries
    1. Granted delivery services when purchasing items from our website are limited to the State of Israel.
    2. The Delivery Coverage Area will be determined by the website manager partner delivery companies.
    3. The Website Manager has the exclusive right to periodically change covered areas without prior notice.
    4. The delivery of items purchased on the site will only be possible when the requested address is within the areas and countries covered by the shipment service, and provided there will be no technical issues or other problems which could prevent the delivery on such conditions.
    5. The delivery of items will be subject to the delivery companies policies which work in partnership with the Website Manager.
    6. Product shipment will be expedited to the Customer’s delivery address as informed when completing the purchase and will be billed according to the shipment cost as regularly published on the Website.
    7. The company will provide & deliver the product to the customer at the address typed when completing the purchase on the site typically within 5 business days, or 7 business days for more distant destinations.
    8. Shipping fees are the customer’s responsibility only, and it is hereby clarified that the shipping fee will be added to the order payment.
    9. The Website Manager reserves the right to update the shipping fees at any given time and at its sole discretion, with no prior notification of such changes and/or updates.
    10. It is hereby stated that if by the time of the delivery the Customer and/or any person on her behalf is not available and the Customer has not explicitly approved by telephone to the Customer Support Service that he agrees his order would be placed by the doorstep or at any other place nearby his address, the order will be returned to the store. In such a case it will be up to the customer to set a new appointment to have his package delivered with the Customer Support Service. Even if the customer fails to schedule a new delivery he will not be exempt from the order fee.
    11. Items Reshipping fee will be charged to the customer in addition to the initial shipping fee 
    12. It is hereby stated that when approved by the customer, leaving the order next to her doorstep or elsewhere nearby the client agrees and approves that the responsibility for the items is solely hers and in any case of theft and/or damages  and/or any other claim regarding it the Website Manager disclaims any responsibility
    13. The company bears no responsibility for any delay and/or deferral in the supply and/or non-delivery, caused by a force majeure and/or any events that are beyond its control and the customer will by no way be exempt from the payment concerning his order.
    14. It is possible to come by our store and take out your order by appointment only, with the Website Manager
  7. Cancellation, return, order changes
    1. The return of items and cancellation of the purchase will be in accordance with the provisions of the law according to the laws of the State of Israel, including the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, from 1981.
    2. The purchase of a product with no defects and/or incompatibility can be cancelled provided the item’s price is above NIS 50.
    3. Bathing suits and underwear cannot be returned.
    4. The purchase of a product with no defects and/or incompatibility can be cancelled within two days after the purchase and provided the price tag on the goods has not been removed and the item has not be worn – in such case 5% of the transaction’s  or 100 NIS, the lower between them, will be deduced from the amount to be returned. Shipping fees will not be returned.
    5. The cancellation of a purchase of a product with no defects and/or incompatibility will take effect within 14 days from the purchase, provided that the price tag on the goods, if any, has not been removed and the item has not been worn. In such a case, 5% of the amount of the transaction or 100 NIS will be deducted, the lower between them.
    6. The cancellation of a transaction and subsequent refund will only be possible to the credit card used when completing the transaction.(i.e., a transaction made by installments will be refunded with a similar number of installments, as well as single payment purchases will be refunded with single payments).
    7. If credit card clearing fees apply for the termination of a transaction, they will be the customer’s responsibility.
    8. The customer is also entitled to replace the product he has purchased by a different one he might want or to receive credit according to the times stated above, instead of canceling the transaction.
    9. In the event of a defective item which damage stems from the Website Manager, the customer should notify the Customer Support Service within 24 hours from delivery –  any failure to provide a valid notice within this timeframe will mean the customer gave up on the order’s replacement and/or any claim relating to it, might it be incompatibility and/or dissatisfaction.
    10. It is hereby stated that defective and/or broken items cannot be returned, provided they were not delivered in such state by the Website Manager.
    11. It is hereby clarified that any completion and/or replacement and/or return of a product as stated in the sections above beyond the replacement and/or return and/or completion only, will still imply the delivery and shipping fees according to what’s stated at the shipping fees section
    12. The product to be returned or replaced due to a defect in the item, must be returned with its original packaging, with no usage marks
  8. Sales and Promotions
    1. Some products might be sold at promotional prices on the company’s website at any given moment for commercial purposes.
    2. If the Website Manager decides to conduct any promotion, it will be up within the timeframe programmed for the sale and/or until stocks last (the first of them to take place), subject to the terms and/or regulations relevant for the promotion and/or to what will be specified as displayed at the product’s side offered with this promotion on the website. The promotional prices will be valid for the same day of the delivery only, as described above.
    3. Promotions and coupons are relevant to items offered on the site, except for those listed as -SALE, there will be no double discounts
  9. Site links and referrals:
    1. Links and/or referrals to other websites and/or information sources and/or bodies and/ or organizations and/or other companies may be displayed on the website (from on: “Links”).
    2. The Website Manager does not guarantee that none of links found on the site will be broken or will redirect to an inactive website. 
    3. A link on our website does not mean that the target website content is reliable, complete or up-to-date, and the Website Manager will not be responsible for this
    4. The Website Manager shall not be liable for any content hosted on third party websites that could be accessed using the referral links – these will be the responsibility of the third party sites themselves
    5. The User and the third party providers shall be the sole responsible for all communication between them, and the Website Manager will have no responsibility and/or obligation concerning such communications.
    6. The Website Manager may remove previously included links from the site, or avoid adding new links—all at his absolute discretion.
    7. We strongly recommend that the User read thoroughly the terms of use and privacy policy of those links before using them.
    8. Without derogating from the abovementioned, the Website Manager hereby shall not be liable for any content that is hosted on third party websites that are accessible from the website; these shall be the responsibility of the third party sites themselves and disclaims liability for any damage or loss —indirect or direct—caused to the user or his property as a result of the use or reliance on the information and content that is displayed on third party sites by the means of the links displayed on the site and/or for the use or reliance on information and content that is published on the site by third parties.
  10. Responsibility
    1. The Website Manager is not responsible for any damage and/or loss that could result from an online purchase on our website and/or any other third party as a result of the use and/or purchase being made on the site.
    2. The abovementioned includes the case when a credit card purchase would be done without the consent of the credit card holder, and/or any other action performed on the website by any third party who would connect to the website and cause any type of damages.
    3. The Website Manager will not be liable for any damage caused by a direct or indirect purchase made on our website by a customer following a delay in delivery or for damaged products, unless these damages or defects are the result of negligence from the company’s network. Without limiting all the above mentioned, the Website Manager will not be liable for damages related to any amount of money higher than than the price of the products dully ordered and paid by the user up to the time of the purchase.
    4. The customer will be fully responsible for damages of any kind caused to him as a result of misusing our website and/or any other third party service following any mistakes made by the customer when entering his data for example, such as typing errors when entering his address, typing errors when entering your credit card information, typing errors concerning the delivery address and everything that stems from that.
    5. The Website Manager will do everything in its power to maintain the proper functioning of the Website, by avoiding any errors or solving them, and to keep the content up to date but disclaims any commitment and will not commit to any results. The Website Manager disclaims any liability towards the user arising from any activity performed by the User on the Website in case of damage caused by the use of any content displayed on this site 
    6. The Website Manager shall not be held responsible for any type of damages or prejudices to the customer and/or to any third party as a result of a communication failure (Internet or telephone) resulting from the standards and/or the omission and/or negligence of the Internet providers and/or telephone communication providers.
    7. Furthermore It will also be made clear, although this site has advertising information and links to other sites, the Website Manager disclaims any liability towards the client concerning content and/or information stemming from third parties
    8. Without limiting all the above mentioned, the Website Manager will not be liable for damages related to any amount of money higher than than the price of the products dully ordered and paid by the user up to the time of the purchase.
    9. There could be mistakes and/or discrepancies in the item description.
    10. The images are for illustration purposes only.
    11. The website and all its displayed content or products advertised are provided as is, with no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.
    12. The Website Manager disclaims any direct or indirect liability towards the client, every time a transaction and/or browsing the site will be partially or completely interrupted for any reason and responsibility for any technical problem and/or anything which could compromise the use of the website.
  11. Interruption of the service and indemnities
    1. The Website Manager may, at his sole discretion, prevent any user from running the site services, including by blocking an IP number if he does not meet the terms of this agreement.
    2. If a user has violated these terms of use, the Website Manager, at his sole discretion, is entitled to disclose the name and information known to him in any legal proceeding, even if a judicial order is not given.
    3. The user will compensate the Website Manager for any claim, charges, and/or lawsuit, and/or damage and/or loss, loss of profit, payment or expenses, including interests and reasonable legal fees, which might be caused to the Website Manager and/or any user on their behalf as a result of not following the rules and/or violating any kind of law and/or third party rights, and/or as a result of specifications, information or files that the user has submitted to publication, and/or as a result of the user’s failures, as expressed directly and/or indirectly
    4. The Website Manager does not guarantee  neither the availability and continuity of the access to the Website nor the absence of errors in its content, that the site will not be closed and/or that its activity will not be temporarily terminated or permanently closed and reserves the right to close the site and/or its activity at any time at his sole discretion
    5. Without compromising the agreement above, it is hereby agreed that the Website Manager disclaims any responsibility and cannot be held responsible or liable for any technical problem and/or any other issue that might prevent the use of the website, for any event that do not depend on the website manager such as communication and connectivity issues, or arising from force majeure The company bears no responsibility for any delay and/or deferral in the supply and/or non-delivery, caused by a force majeure and/or any events that are beyond its control. The Website manager is entitled to cancel or interrupt the purchase process, partially or completely – in such cases the customer’s credit card will not be charged, and if it happened to be charged the customer’s money will be restituted to her according to the law, independently of the specified above.
  12. Assignment of rights and obligations
    1. Without compromising the agreement above, it is hereby agreed that the Website Manager may protest his debts and claim what’s due to him at any time according to these terms or by the means of a third party at his sole discretion, including the transfer of all/most of his assets, through sale, merger, and/or in any other way, as well as the third party will be entitled to claim the payments related to the user’s debts, provided the user’s rights will not be affected according to this agreement, at the moment of the transfer of ownership.
    2. In the same case, the user information that the site administration has will be transferred to the third party, which will receive the rights on the site, and the user agrees to this in advance.
  13. Intellectual property
    1. All intellectual property rights concerning this site’s content, including the site’s design, images, graphics files, applications, Computer code, text, and/or any other material belong to the website or to a third party which allowed the site to use his content.
    2. It is explicitly forbidden to copy, duplicate, distribute, publish, or use in public, sell or rent any of the content or information published in this website, partially or completely, including the company logo/ photos/videos embedded on this site unless with the explicit agreement of the Website manager
    3. This website is meant for personal use only, no commercial use is allowed.
    4. The user commits not to cause  damages of any sort to the intellectual property and the copyrights of the website manager, directly or indirectly, with or with no compensation
    5.  The user commits not to perform any direct or indirect activity that could prejudice or damage the intellectual property of this website.
    6. Any use or activity that violates copyright and/or intellectual property as set forth above will be used as grounds for closing a user account without any prior notice, and will bear responsibility for any expenses that could be caused to the website manager and/or the website customers and/or the user herself in all that stems from this activity, and/or for closing a user account, which will, entitle the websites manager to all defense means at his reach. Website’s computer system infiltration is a criminal offense according to the International and the Israeli law.
  14. Other Conditions
    1. The prices displayed on the site, number of payments, and any other information is at the sole discretion of the website manager, who may be allowed to change them at any given moment with no prior notice, at her sole discretion.
    2. The service runs on the Web, so that by its nature it depends on external factors such as infrastructure providers, communication providers, server conditions, storage, and so on that it may be affected, shutdown or damaged for different reasons. The Website Manager does not guarantee or commit that the site’s activity will be uninterrupted and/or unaffected and/or free of failures and/or immune from unauthorized access to the computers’ servers, attacks, faults, hardware failures, Software or communication lines failures for the service or any of its suppliers or harmed by any other cause, and our services shall not be liable for the damages that may occur in computer systems nor will be responsible for any direct or indirect harm, emotional distress or material damages caused by such failures
  15. Contact: 
    1. You are kindly invited to take contact with us at any moment and for any information concerning our website or its terms of use, providing us your details, in order that we’ll be able to answer you quickly and efficiently. 

Contact us by email: __________________ Or on the phone: __________________ During Customer Support Service Working Hours

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