I had a dream once - that one day would come and I’d make clothes. Clothes that can talk... that would tell the story of a life... That would leap between worlds and embrace dreams. I dreamed and kept dreaming. I'm living this dream.

Once, I had a dream – that one day would come and I’d make clothes. Clothes that can talk… that would tell the story of a life… That would leap between worlds and embrace dreams. I dreamed and kept dreaming. I’m living this dream.

This irresistible push for fashion, arts, adventure and nature fascinates me from the time I was a young and curious student pursuing my degree in education. One of my teachers said I was but too colorful and should come over wearing better suiting clothes – these motley ones of mine were just not fitting…

I couldn’t figure out what she meant… Did she expect me to be someone else?

But my way is the only one I know!… and once and again she flashed on the colors stemming from my wardrobe and I got concerned she’d shown me the highway before I could get my degree… so I calmed down and kept my dreams for myself, but never stopped dreaming! 

She only helped me realize that the colors I loved were part of my destiny!

I started getting to our classes with a binder… but hardly any study material… only white pages which by the end of every lecture became a new colorful garment… thus, there I found myself swinging between worlds even when they attempted to heat me down.

Well, as you all know too well, every trip brings back memories and each one of them tells a story… stories of dreams! And one of my “head trips” got me to Sayla.

I grew up on that tale – that’s how they called me at home from a young age. It is a Yemenite name.

Sayla is the name of that stream that runs through the valley separating the two parts of the city of Sana’a, the Wadi Sayla in Yemen’s capital, where Jews lived in the Jewish quarter and kept their Jewishness since the destruction of the Second Holy Temple…

This very wadi whose waters have always been flowing at a slow pace and in harmony with the peaceful desert… a wondrous, joyful and life-giving rhythm which painted the wilderness.

# Will always be thankful for a life-changing encounter like this one…

An encounter from which one could easily fall in pieces… I chose thereafter to live my life and to bring my dreams alive… and in colors!

Sayla – since these are the ways of nature, always keep flowing….

#Dreams are meant to come true…. In India (perhaps)

I met my husband on my first trip. We fell in love and it was clear to me that the real walk of life was just about to start.

From there on we brought 4 beautiful children to the world, to join us on that beautiful and colorful journey… For more than 10 years now we live on the Indian-Israel airlines manufacturing fabrics, textiles and all sorts of unique items sewn with love…and faith!!! 

Could it be otherwise?

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