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Welcome to (hereinafter: “The Website”), powered by “Sayla” “SAYLA” (300128220) (hereinafter: “Website Manager”).


The Website Manager respects the privacy of the users on the website she manages and runs, these terms of privacy are therefore a binding document providing among others the terms of use of the Website Manager concerning protection of privacy, and by connecting to this website, the user commits to uphold this policy.


The role of the privacy policy is to explain the website manager’s policy concerning her user’s privacy as well as how the Website Manager will use the information provided to them by users or  collected by the website when using the website.


The use of the website indicates that you have read, understood, and approved our privacy policy, and you or anyone on your behalf will have no claims or complaints against the company and/or anyone on its behalf on everything that concerns the privacy policy.


The feminine form has been chosen for reasons of convenience alone, and they refer to women as well.


These conditions apply to the use of the website and all services provided by any other means, communication devices (such as a cell phones, tablets, etc.).


Details Delivery on purchase:


  1. Any purchase made on the website will require providing details of the customer, among others: E-mail, personal information such as telephone number, name and family names, address, city, etc., and sizes as well.
  2. It is incumbent upon the customer to provide the correct, accurate, and full details and by providing us this data the customer hereby confirms the details he provided are accurate. The data provided by the customer will be saved by the company. Providing inaccurate information and/or incomplete details may prevent the customer from using the purchase services on the site.


Website information security

  1. The Website Manager takes acceptable precautions to preserve, as much as possible, the confidentiality of the user and the information he entered on the company’s website. Despite all efforts done to ensure security, In cases which are beyond the control of the company and/or arising from a higher power, the company will not be responsible for any damage of any kind, direct or indirect, that might be caused to the customer if his information is lost and/or used by unauthorized means.
  2. The user agrees therefore that the Website Manager will not be responsible for any information exposure in any case of hacking into our servers or the website systems, and by using our website, the user disclaims any demands, objections, or plea against the company for it.


Databases and information usage by Website Manager:

  1. The Website Manager may retain information provided by the user in its databases.
  2. The data collected will be saved to the Website Manager’s databases under her responsibility.
  3. The Website Manager will be allowed to use this information according to the terms of this privacy policy or to the directives of the law.
  4. The information collected will be used to provide the services requested by the user, including all that is needed: to enable the use of different services on the website, the quality of the services provided and enriching the displayed content, modify or disable existing services and content for the purchase of certain products or services on our website or different websites —including in everything that concerns better adapting the information and content published by the means of the application or for advertisement in order to improve our awareness on what concerns user’s interests and providing statistical information analysis to third parties, including advertisers.
  5. The customer agrees and approves that she will have no objections or claims toward the Website Manager for using the details in accordance with the abovementioned.


Information disclosure to third parties:

  1. The Website Manager may allow access to the information saved on the databases and/or transfer the information to any third party depending on the type of services and/or orders as well as to operate, develop, and improve the website and the services it provides.
  2. According to the 1981 Privacy Protection Act, each person is entitled to review the information concerning him which is held in a database. A person who has looked at the information on him and found that it is not true, complete, accurate or updated, may contact the information database manager with the request of repairing or delete the information if necessary.
  3. Besides the abovementioned, the Website Manager will not transfer your personal information and information collected on your activities on the website to third parties except in the cases listed below:
    1. If you will purchase third party products and services offered through our website, these third parties will be provided with the information they might need to complete the purchase process.
    2. In the event of violation website’s  terms of use, or were you to perform any illegal actions or actions against any law on our website
    3. If the Website Manager sells or transfers in any way the website’s  activity to any other corporation— also in the event that it would merge with another company or merge the website’s activity with a third party, provided that the third party company will accept this privacy policy instructions concerning your data.

Third parties information Gathering:

  1. We collect information when you connect to or use third-party sites and apps that use our website. This information includes information about the websites and apps you visit, your use of the services provided on this website, as well as information that the developer or publisher of the app or site provides you or us.


Information Collection by third-parties:

  1. When using this website, the Website Manager may use third-parties softwares to provide content, services, and/or other functions.
  2. When using this website, these third party software may be allowed to collect the abovementioned information.
  3. The Website Manager will be allowed to transfer an non-identifying information which is collected on the website to her business partners (including publishers) to order to try to match her advertising content to the user’s interests so that the content to be displayed when visiting Websites and applications will match their interests and/or gender and/or age group and/or place of her residence.
  4. Likewise, by using our website, the customer declares he agrees that the Website Manager’s business partners  (including advertisers) will be allowed to collect such non-identifying information independently.


Direct e-mailing

  1. The Website Manager may send you information every now and then concerning its services as well as marketing and advertising information.
  2. Marketing and advertising information— consist of both the information provided by the website manager or information provided by third-parties or other publishers, whether sent by the Website Manager or sent by other publishers. Such information will be sent to the user in accordance with the law, provided the customer has given her express consent, and at any time, the customer will be able to cancel her acceptance by contacting the company’s Customer Support Service and/or by writing to the Website Manager’s email [email protected] 
  3. The customer hereby agrees and approves that she will have objections or claims toward the website for using her details within the frame of the abovementioned.


Cookies policy

  1. The user hereby states that she knows and understands the Website Manager uses Cookies to manage her website’s content, including to collect statistics concerning the use of the website, verify details, in order to adjust the website and improve user’s experience, match her personal preferences, and for information security needs.
  2. Some of the ads displayed while browsing the website may come from third-party providers who manage the system on the site.
  3. Ad management requires these companies to place cookies on your device and to put “network equation” web beacons in the ads (“Cookies”). Network equations are tiny graphic files with a unique identifier embedded in Web pages, which help collect information concerning viewing and usage, as well as audience data (such as age, gender, and interests) that are generated from an interest-based publication of Google Publishers or others using the Google Analytics code. The collected information does not identify the customer, but seeks to match the ads that will be displayed to your interest.
  4. The use of cookies and network beacons by these companies is subject to their privacy policy, not to our website policies.
  5. The information contained in the Cookies is about, among other things, the pages you visited, the sites that led you to the sites you browse and the time you have spent browsing those sites, the hubs that interest you most, and what stems from that. If you prefer avoiding the Cookies, you can turn them off by changing the settings in your browser (you can use your browser’s help file).
  6. You can also delete the Cookies on your computer and on your device at any time. Please note that it is suggested that you do so only if you are convinced that you don’t want the ads displayed on your system to  match your data. Also for your information, cancelling cookies on our website could prevent the customer from accessing some of the application features or even the web page itself.

Privacy Policy changes:

The website manager reserves the right to change the Terms of use and Privacy Policy every now and then with no prior statement except for updating the information of the website.



All users are kindly invited to contact us for all inquiries concerning the website or its privacy policy terms – the communication will be made when all customer’s details are provided, and the website administration assures that your requests will be handled quickly and efficiently: Contact us by email at:

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